Can you see things for what they really are?


You know what I mean right? Sure you do. I could sit here and write a page of words that show you what they might be but I’d only be scratching the surface wouldn’t I?

We’ve all got stuff going on that we say is this or that. But we know it’s not. I mean it could look that way to the untrained eye, to the casual observer, but we know it’s just a façade for what’s really going on.

Take a good look at it today, be as honest with yourself as you can. Allow the discomfort or maybe even pain of looking at it to come through. Welcome it. Once we open the cupboard door and shine a light in there we can see there was nothing to be afraid of.

I know this’ll be hard for a lot of people – me included, so lets all dig deep and give it a try.

What will you take a look at today?

Enjoy (if you can)




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2 responses to “Can you see things for what they really are?

  1. Hi Stu

    Totally understand what you are saying. I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Soul searching…oh yes. I had surgery last week to remove my left breast and some lymph nodes. The waiting room time to find out the end pathology was a bit mind boggling. The result is they were able to remove all of the Cancer and now I will be going next week to find out what my treatment protocol will be. I was told no chemo since my cancer is not aggressive, I am very thankful of that.

    The point…. It is amazing at the thoughts, and growth we have during times when our existence and is challenged. So good and so scary…

    Good thoughts to you my friend!


    • OMG Tina! I’m so sorry to hear you have had to deal with that. My Mum went through the same thing and went on to make a full recovery (if that’s how it’s termed). You are quite incredible to be able to look at this with a stoical perspective. You’re amazing! Love and hugs and best wishes to you Tina. x

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