Take the opportunity today to do something you’ve been putting off.


Uh-oh! If you’re anything like me that could be a mighty long list. From clearing the garage to swapping that duff lightbulb in the cupboard to cleaning the inside of the car to booking that dentist appointment we all put stuff off.

Well, tackle one of them today. Make it the easiest one if you want, but do one.

You’ll be proud of yourself afterwards.


(This is May 30th of my book “How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time” – available on Amazon here: CLICK HERE )




PS: It’s also available on Kindle HERE


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4 responses to “Take the opportunity today to do something you’ve been putting off.

  1. Jokinnaird1

    Does mowing the lawn count cos I did that today? ! But you’re right. There are so many things I need to tackle! What a telling descriptive word… tackle! More work! When does the relaxing enjoyment begin? WHEN I ACCEPT THAT NOTHING HERE IS REAL. THE ONLY MEANING ANYTHING HAS IS THE MEANING I GIVE IT. I love gin and tonic…. they help me to see things so clearly. THEY, of course, are real. Lol. xxx (Are you really gonna leave me in charge of your beloved furries tomorrow night? Lol) They’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Xxx

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  2. Colored my hair and did my nails all by myself…does that count???

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