How to know if you’ve been in your job TOO long.

Feel like this in Your job?

Feel like this in Your job?

Stuart Young, London, UK


The brilliant Lifehack blog recently posted the 17 Signs You’ve Been Staying In The Same Job Too Long – take a look, it’ll make you smile!

If you find yourself agreeing with many (or ALL) of them – come back here and grab yourself a FREE copy of my new eBook: ‘Do You Hate Your Job?‘ – it will help you get clear about WHAT would be your perfect job and HOW you can move towards making that a reality.


If you decide you’re one of the 80% struggling to enjoy their job at the moment, grab a copy of “Do You Hate Your Job?” right now at NO COST before you make any BIG decisions. If not for you – then for someone you know that’s struggling to get out of bed every work day.

It will help you understand if you can actually fall in love with your present job, or whether it’s time to quit.

Click here to get your copy.




 PS: It’s short, to the point, full of useful, practical content, easy to understand and apply – don’t look back on Feb 17th 2015 and find yourself exactly where you are now.


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2 responses to “How to know if you’ve been in your job TOO long.

  1. Hi Stu, your PS is something I see all of the time in my consulting business. People want change make a list and a year later the list is the same.

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