Are you capable of courage?

Stuart Young, London, UK


This is p.48 of my book: ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time

Take the opportunity today to be courageous!

This might be in the face of adversity, it might be just being brave about something or it might be something really important like making a difficult decision.

Whether you’re nervous about that speaking engagement coming up or whether you need to muster the nerve to ask someone on a date – dig deep and do it. This one courageous moment could change your life. Forever!

I know this is one of those difficult challenges I spoke about at the beginning of this book but hopefully you have tried enough of the other challenges to give you some habitual momentum today.


Maybe one of the courageous things you need to do is take a good look at your job and decide whether it makes you happy.

If it doesn’t do you know your next step?

If not, get a complimentary copy of my new eBook ‘Do You Hate Your Job?‘ which will reveal all the steps you need to take to go from tired and miserable to invigorated and excited at work.


Grab a copy now, if not for you then for someone you know

that’s struggling to get out of bed every work day.

   Get it right here.




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2 responses to “Are you capable of courage?

  1. My new word for the year is “courageous”… and it has helped me already get a new job that I am so happy with… thinking on that one word made me take the steps I needed…

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