Do You Hate Your Job?

Get your copy TODAY!

Get your copy TODAY!

Stuart Young, London, UK


Today is the day!

You can grab your F.REE copy of my new eBook “Do You Hate Your Job?right here.

It’s subtitled: “How To Decide If You Can Fall Back In Love With Your Job Or Whether It’s Time To Quit.

It’s complimentary to my Ponders group and my blog subscribers for a full 2 weeks before going on sale on Kindle.

What this book will help you discover:

According to Deloitte’s recent Shift Index survey, 80% of people are actually dissatisfied with their job. They hate going to work most days.

If you’re still reading I guess that includes You. What a way to live – I should know, because I was in that situation for the best part of a decade. I felt like I had no options, like I was trapped. And even if I did find another job I’d be worse off.

This sucked all the enjoyment out of my work and I spent my days watching the clock whilst juggling 101 urgent things that needed to be done.

I also fell into the trap of hardly ever getting away from it – and even when I did take a holiday, I felt obligated to stay in contact whilst I was away. Crazy I know – but I bet this happens to a lot of people.

If this is ringing alarm bells with you this book will help you discover:

  • 1. If you are in the wrong job
  • 2. An understanding of your options
  • 3. The best way to make a big decision
  • 4. What your fears and doubts are based on, and…
  • 5. How changing your Mindset will help you plan ahead

It’s a pretty succinct little book which aims to take you from where you are right now to a place of greater clarity about what you want and how to explore if you can get it.

Grab your F.REE copy right now here.




PS: Help someone you know that might hate their job by sending them this blog post – it might just change their life!


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    I just registered with too just to see 🙂

  2. Stu!! love the cover design 🙂 so happy for you my friend, congratulations!! another example of your unlimited knowledge and caring heart, big hug my friend, Alexandra

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