Why we MUST fail and that’s good!

Stuart Young, London, UK


When you read that title: ‘ Why we MUST fail and that’s good! ‘ – how does it make you feel?

When we consider that we can never really know anything because as we gain more data on a subject we alter our hypothesis about it, we must then realise that even though we gather knowledge, when we make decisions they are at least partially (if not wholly) guesswork.

To make the correct decision one must evaluate ALL the data. As data is infinite, all decisions must be made based on limited data. Therefore, all decisions are snap judgements.” ~ Alan Watts  (Paraphrased)

We see this all the time in the form of history repeating itself. Apparently we learn so we can avoid the mistakes of the past but as we’ve already posed – our knowledge is ALWAYS limited so however many times we try to decide on an outcome we are only guessing and therefore we are open to failing.

When we do fail however, we get an opportunity to assess, then alter our next course of action – realising always that we are still guessing as our new direction may be worse than the last. Even so, it would be an indicator of how to next decide and so on.

In conclusion, it is inevitable that we fail. As long as we are continually assessing the circumstances we can continue to course correct for the future. At some point we may conclude or even stumble upon success.

We’ve all heard the story of Edison and the lightbulb. If he hadn’t already tried 999 ways to invent a commercially viable version of it – and failed, he wouldn’t have got to the 1000th CORRECT way.

We must nurture determination, resilience, resourcefulness and reflection.

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2 responses to “Why we MUST fail and that’s good!

  1. This is all so true. We had just such an experience today. Hell, we all have these experiences everyday! I like what you’re saying here. I will apply this to my own journey, one that I’m recording as a blog at http://rebuildfromscratch.wordpress.com/. Are you a counsellor?

    • Hi Dominique, glad you enjoyed the post. I’m not a counsellor, more of a life strategist. I’ve learned a lot about psychology over the last 25 years and I apply it. That enables me to help others apply it – whether that’s NLP, hypnotherapy, CBT, Strategic Intervention or just life coaching. I’ll go take a look at you blog. 🙂

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