What’s your potential?

That's a lot of potential!

That’s a lot of potential!

Stuart Young, London, UK


Ever asked yourself “What’s my potential?”

The answer by the way is: Unfathomable.

Yes – you can’t even imagine what potential you have. Take a look at the humble electron above. A tiny spark of electricity (electrons) start the chain reaction that creates the biggest unnatural explosion known to man.

Although electricity is a stream of electrons, it only takes ONE to start the reaction. From that one electron the output (final explosion) is a million billion times bigger – approx.

If you are that humble electron right now and you applied yourself in the right direction, taking tiny steps each and every day – think of how big a reaction you could create.

You DO have the potential. Question is: will you use it?




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3 responses to “What’s your potential?

  1. I’ve always believed that…when someone says “I can’t do that!”…I really get a little crazy…Use what you were given!…Don’t waste it!…and we all have it in us!

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