8 circumstances that told me I was stuck in the wrong job

Stuart Young, London, UK


10 years ago I was stuck in a rut with my career. I didn’t know how to get out of my situation. You may be in a similar position yourself. Looking back there were 8 signs that told me I desperately had to change something.

These are the 8 circumstances that told me I was in the wrong job:

1. I found that I was short tempered a lot of the time

2. I had no clarity about my future

3. I felt frustrated most of the time with no clear understanding of why

4. I felt stuck, and didn’t know which way to turn

5. I dreaded going in to work every day and even had daily anxiety pains in my chest

6. Even though I’m not a natural worrier I found myself having worrying thoughts about what my life meant, if I would ever achieve the goals I had as a kid, and whether I was going to have an enjoyable retirement

7. I felt like a huge bundle of potential tied in a knot and…

8. I had no savings, no investments and no obvious prospects.

All of that changed one day with a simple shift in my Mindset. Within 3 months my life had turned upside down for the better!

Stay tuned for details of how you can get your f.ree copy of my upcoming book “Do You Hate Your Job?” which shows you how to make that all important Mindset shift.




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2 responses to “8 circumstances that told me I was stuck in the wrong job

  1. laisschulz

    Really nice text, objective and meaningful! I’m having problems with my current job (working 9 hours in something you don’t like really makes you crazy) and decided to change. Except is hard to start from nowhere, so things are a little slow.
    I would love to read your book!

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