Are you fulfilling your potential?


If you want to enjoy your work more or possibly change what you do presently to something more satisfying and fulfilling, then you must start by shifting your Mindset.

If you needed any more compelling evidence for the power of Mindset watch this brilliant TED Talk by Eduardo Briceno who says: “If we’re to fulfill our potential we must think differently.

  • Fixed Mindset people worry about how they are being judged.
  • Growth oriented Mindset people simply value the opportunity to learn.
  • Fixed Mindset people see effort as a bad thing.
  • Growth oriented Mindset people see effort as what makes us smart and able to grow.
  • Fixed Mindset people see setbacks as evidence they are incapable.
  • Growth oriented Mindset people view setbacks as obstacles to be overcome.

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6 responses to “Are you fulfilling your potential?

  1. Hi Stu
    Good food for thought. It is true about how your mindset changes when you are always moving ahead. Who has time to get stuck on things when there is so much that we want to accomplish.


  2. Change is the hardest thing you can do … and also the easiest, Stu.
    If things aren’t working for you, something has to change … and it’s usually Your thinking.
    Be good to yourself
    and thanks for your support.

  3. thanks for sharing! it’s food for thought..

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