Job satisfaction is NOT about the money – or is it?


10 years ago when I quit my job and started my own company I fully expected to earn less – at least for a year or two.

That’s not what happened.

Today’s blog post on my other site talks more about what job satisfaction actually means and how you can identify what it is that drives you in your career.

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3 responses to “Job satisfaction is NOT about the money – or is it?

  1. You are so right.. Here in my place I already have a high-paying job, but I am not happy at all. If I have a choice, I will opt for a low paying job where I can be happy. Money can’t buy me happiness.

    • I hear you wildflower. Keep an eye out for my eBook (coming very soon) as it may help you find the answers you seek. 🙂 (And it’s f.ree to all my Ponders group)

  2. Money is not EVERYTHING…but, it sure can open avenues if used in the right manner!

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