How to succeed with your resolutions.


Would you like to know how to succeed with your resolutions?

Most people this time of year will make some resolutions for the New year.

Maybe to quit smoking, maybe to lose weight, maybe to get fit.

Whatever the resolution, here’s 2 tips to keep you on track that nobody else will tell you about:

#1  Understand your distractions – we all have them, mine is interesting things on YouTube/Huffington Post/etc. Yours might be Facebook/Twitter/Texting/Checking your emails etc. Whatever they are, recognise them as distractions from what you need to be doing to make that change in your life.

#2  Keep going – it’s so easy to see the first falling off the wagon as a complete failure – but it’s NOT. If your resolution was to quit smoking then 2 weeks in you end up at a party and smoke 5 cigarettes – so what! You just went 2 weeks WITHOUT smoking. Instead of saying to yourself “Oh well, that didn’t last long – might as well keep smoking.” Instead recognise that you just went 2 weeks without smoking, see that as a great success then try and get to 3 weeks without smoking.

Likewise if you stopped going to the gym after 2 weeks – tell yourself at least you went for 2 weeks – now try and go for 3 weeks. If you just keep going, eventually the timescale will increase until it becomes part of your everyday routine.

This is known as reframing. This is a shift in Mindset.

Stay tuned for more tips like this in the run up to my Mindset course being released soon.




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2 responses to “How to succeed with your resolutions.

  1. Hi Stuart,
    Your advice reminds me of the harm reduction theory that I studied about in college.

    Simply put, it allows people to be less than perfect and give themselves credit for even tiny bits of progress with the goal of reducing the harmful behavior.

    Instead of punishing ourselves for not reaching goals with perfection, we can give ourselves encouragement for approaching them.

    I love your two step process…easy to understand and easy to follow.

    • Thanks Linda – I wasn’t aware of that harm reduction process. It’s simply about positive association and changing what we focus on and what meaning we give it. Glad it’s helping. 🙂

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