Want a new job or career in 2014?


Join me on the radio New year’s Eve at 9pm (UK time) with Laura Longley. We’re discussing how to find a new job/career in 2014.

Make 2014 your year for job satisfaction!

Make 2014 your year for job satisfaction!

Laura Longley is the founder of Your Authentic Wisdom, a global organization dedicated to inspiring evolutionary change on the individual level, sharing wisdom, knowledge and skills towards achieving these changes, and spreading encouragement to overcome obstacles and stay the course of self-determination.

Laura’s own journey in self-discovery and greater authenticity informs all her actions and interactions. Six years ago Laura had a huge ‘a-ha’ moment. After years of messages from the Universe, which got progressively louder and more painful, she finally got it – she was in the wrong career!

If you’ve been  a subscriber of mine for anytime you’ll know that 10 years ago I had my own ‘a-ha’ moment which radically changed my life in a 3 month period – the biggest change I made was to my career – and I haven’t looked back.

So join us and maybe we can help you have your own ‘a-ha’ moment and set you on a path towards greater job satisfaction and prosperity in the coming year.
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2 responses to “Want a new job or career in 2014?

  1. Hi Stuart,

    I visited Laura’s site and was very pleased to find valuable information there about being your Authentic Self!

    I look forward to hearing the interview with you tomorrow on her radio show and greatly appreciate you providing your readers an opportunity to grow with your wisdom and guidance!

    Looking forward to a Prosperous New Year and Wishing you the same 🙂

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