Want to know how to get in, and stay in, the zone?

Stuart Young, London, UK

This is December 15th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to practice “The Process”.

Dave Austin is a ‘mental performance coach’ that has helped many of the world’s top athletes achieve extraordinary results. This is his 5 step system which he calls “The Process”- a method that gets his clients ‘in the zone’ and helps them to stay there longer.

1 – Appreciate nature close up, focus on three things in nature to appreciate; the bark of a tree, a blade of grass etc.

2 – Imagine yourself surrounded with white energy, see it as extremely positive and loving. Then imagine your family and friends surrounded with that white energy. Lastly imagine someone you don’t like or who you’ve had an argument with and surrounded them with white energy as well.

3 – Focus on what you’re grateful for and get into the powerful energy of gratitude.

4 – Visualize – walk through an imagined gate whilst thinking about all the things you’re grateful for – step into the beauty of nature that surrounds you in this place. Allow the feeling of amazement. Breathe in the positive and breathe out the negative.

5 – Creative Expression – step through another gate, one that leads to your ideal life. See yourself living that life, enjoying it fully. Once you are finished, walk back through both of your gates, open your eyes, then write your thoughts down – uncensored. Whatever comes, write it down.

Your mind will probably wander quite a bit the first few times you try this, but that’s ok. Keep practicing and enjoy what comes out of this experience. If you’ve gotten this far through the book, then none of the above will surprise you. As these are things that the world’s top coaches use effectively in business, sports and the areas of self-improvement and use in their day to day interactions with the best of the best in the world.

To see a great video of Dave explaining “The Process” in more detail visit:


For more info on Dave also visit: http://www.ExceedPotential.com




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4 responses to “Want to know how to get in, and stay in, the zone?

  1. This is an excellent article!

    Mindset training is one of the best techniques for improving performance in any area of your life.

    I enjoyed Dave’s You Tube video and it was easy to follow. I felt energized immediately! Deep breathing always works wonders for helping with relaxation and clearing the mind.

    The four step “Process” is deceptively easy to follow… Just what I needed after a long day of problem solving with other people 🙂

  2. Stu, excellent advice. I have found that visualization really helps me to keep on the track that I want to travel. Thanks for all that you give to your followers. 🙂

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