This is one way to solve any problem.

Stuart Young, London, UK

This is December 13th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to dream a solution.

This is one way to solve any problem.

I’ve mentioned many times throughout my book the value of getting in touch with your subconscious, well this guide is about getting in touch with your unconscious.


We all dream at night – whether we remember or not. It’s part of the brain’s process for gaining proper rest from the conscious waking hours. Through studies on sleep deprivation and other techniques it’s becoming more apparent that our unconscious is actually processing information whilst resting. We are able to actually tap into that processing if we just put the right programming in at the right time.

Tonight, just before you go to sleep, consider a problem or issue you are experiencing. Something that has you stumped. Then ask yourself to dream the solution. Start the request: ‘How can I…’ then fill in the blank. Repeat it a few times over and over.

EG: ‘How can I find a better job doing [xyz]?’ or, ‘How can I get motivated to [xyz]?’ or, ‘How can I find the right partner for me?’ etc.

You get the idea. Your mind will actually process this last command of the day and you may well dream the solution. Or the solution may come to you throughout the next day. Have a go and see what happens, I have certainly had some success applying this.




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6 responses to “This is one way to solve any problem.

  1. Answers often come to us in dreams – or in the moments after waking. And there is a physiological basis to it, as I understand such things. It’s important to pay attention to them – and, indeed, change can often come from them.

    Hey – I can connect to your WordPress again…there was a period for some reason where I couldn’t seem to “like” or comment without being asked to log on, though I was logged on via the WordPress servers on my own account. Might be something to do with self-hosting and versions, possibly? Kind of stalled things. Seems to be all working now! Hope all’s well your way.

  2. Yes, this is a great way to get answers to those pesky questions that I just can’t seem to find during the busy daytime hours.

    I usually write in my gratitude journal before settling down for the night but sometimes that actually energizes me and it’s hard to put my mind at rest.

    When I use the technique you talk about, before closing my eyes, I simply place the problem in the hands of my unconscious mind and state that it’s his/her responsibility to come up with the answer.

    By doing that, I release myself from the burden and relax with confidence, knowing an answer will come to me shortly.

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