The quickest way to make something happen.

Stuart Young, London, UK

This is December 9th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to be a copycat.

If you want to understand the quickest way to make something happen – anything, try this…

I used to have ideas about business opportunities all the time. I used to get really excited about the potential success within the concept. Sadly, they all came to nothing. Until, I realised why.

It wasn’t that the ideas were not valid, it was I had no idea how to make them happen. After my revelation (see my case study p.76) I realised that I didn’t need to figure out the how. Somebody else must have done something similar in the past, so I just needed to find who, then how they did it.

That way I could just copy their process. This is often referred to as ‘modelling’. I have since mod elled other people’s successes in many areas and I hope I’ll continue to do so in many others.

So, if you have a goal and you’re finding it difficult to figure out how to achieve it, try copying how someone else achieved something similar.

The phrase ‘Why try and reinvent the wheel’ springs to mind.





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2 responses to “The quickest way to make something happen.

  1. I’ll keep this in mind…sounds like a plan!

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