Learn how to tap into your own powerful intuition.

Stuart Young, London, UK

This is November 26th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to imagine you could talk with anyone from history. What would you ask them?

Can you imagine how brilliant that would be? Anyone at all. Ask them anything. What would you ask? More importantly, how would they answer?

That is the point of this exercise. Allow your subconscious to decide how you think that incredible person from history would answer your question.

Spend a minute with your eyes closed just remembering everything about ‘that’ person. What they stood for and believed in. Why you admire them so much. Imagine how their voice would sound.

Then, get a pad, write your question down, then sit for a while imagining in as much detail as possible that person from history answering. Write their answer under your question. Write it as quickly as possible – ask them to slow down for you if you need to, they will. But capture their answer as quickly as it comes so that your own mind doesn’t try and filter or censor it.

This is a great way to tap into your own wisdom and intuition.





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