The Art Of Learning To Communicate?

My friend and co-blogger Tina posted this today which I thought was fascinating…take a look

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What possibly could be so difficult about communicating with another person?  Most of the time we think there are very few problems when trying to convey our thoughts, ideas and opinions to another person with whom we are speaking.

We are just fooling ourselves, as nine out of ten times the person who we are speaking to, even though they hear our words, are not thinking the same thing that we are speaking of.

Last week I was speaking at a Practice Management conference in Florida.  The Key Note speaker was David Frees, who gave an awesome lecture on communication.

Dave was enlightening and thought-provoking.  I really enjoyed his strategies and techniques to improve your communication skills.

He had us perform the most eye-opening demonstration of communication principles that I have ever partaken in.  He had the group of about 150 break up into groups of 6 people.  He…

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