What stranger right now might be your best friend in 10 years?

This is November 8th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Before your friends were your friends they were strangers. We convert strangers into friends by communicating with them and finding out if they are on the same wavelength as us. But we meet strangers every day, when we go shopping or to the pub or to the gym or at the coffee shop or bus stop etc.

Why do we decide to not convert them into friends? Probably because we don’t have time for more friends – it’s hard enough to see the ones we’ve got already, right? Maybe we feel a bit socially awkward about striking up conversations with strangers ad hoc.

You know what though, we don’t have to try and convert everyone we meet into a new friend. We can just pass the time of day, interact, converse, be approachable, friendly – nice!

Wouldn’t this make the day more pleasurable?

It goes without saying that you only do this in a safe environment – I remind you once more what the sergeant used to say on roll call each day in Hill Street Blues: ‘Let’s be careful out there!




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3 responses to “What stranger right now might be your best friend in 10 years?

  1. well, I’ve been told “You don’t meet a starnger!”…I do love people and their stories…but, don’t “throw caution to the wind”…I’ve made two new good friends this past year…and many others I call “friends” … To add to my friend list is awesome…I don’t think we can have “too many”…

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