Are there people you hate? Try this…

This is November 1st of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to let go of any hate you feel.

Hopefully you got the chance to have a go at this letting go process yesterday. Now try it with any hate you may feel. Sometimes we have feelings of hate towards people that have hurt us in the past, sometimes we feel hate towards people in power and we often feel hate towards those we don’t understand and maybe frighten us.

Terrorists for example can rouse a good level of hate amongst many people. Immigrants are another group who inspire hate amongst many.

As you practise the process of letting go, you will become clearer about why you have the feelings you have. Hopefully this will be a revealing experience. One that will give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your thoughts and your behaviour.

When you let go you feel like you’re falling when in fact you are flying.




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2 responses to “Are there people you hate? Try this…

  1. I hope I never have this feeling… I know situations that could make me hate…but, so far none have happened…To hold hate is like holding our breath forever…never living again…I don’t want that!…

    • That is a very apt way of looking at it – holding to hate is like holding on to resentment – it hurts us way more than it hurts anyone else. Thanks Marilyn. 🙂

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