How important is trust?

This is October 28th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to trust.

Be open. Be transparent. Tackle issues head-on. Be discerning about how much ‘character trust’ and ‘competence trust’ you give.

1. How much integrity do those around you have and do you have? and

2. How competent in getting the job done are they or you?

Without trust we could not function in society. We have to trust that other drivers on the road will not run into us for the hell of it. We have to trust that the doctor at the hospital knows how to heal us. We have to trust the justice system is protecting us. We have to trust that those close to us are being honest and loyal.

A lack of basic trust will make us paranoid, I imagine a lot of conspiracy theorists have very low levels of trust. Of course, we have to remain vigilant to the truth, you can’t believe all you read or hear on the news. Advertising and election campaigns can be misleading at best.

But keep a healthy level of trust and accept that it’ll be misplaced at times.

“ See, when you make a commitment you build hope. When you keep a commitment you build trust. ” ~ Stephen M. R. Covey




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2 responses to “How important is trust?

  1. one of the most important aspects of life…

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