Do you hate other people getting things wrong?

This is October 25th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to accept your friend’s mistakes.

Some find it even harder to accept mistakes their friends make than they do their own. Especially when it’s personal, it can feel like inconsideration at least, betrayal at worst.

Take a moment to think about letting go of your own mistakes, mistakes you may have made that upset someone close to you. Were you forgiven, did you want to be forgiven but weren’t? How did it make you feel?

See if you can use those feelings of wanting to make it up to that person and apply them to your friend when they have upset you. We’re all just doing the best from where we are in our lives and sometimes that’s not very good. We all deserve another chance though.




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6 responses to “Do you hate other people getting things wrong?

  1. Good advice. We can let go of those emotions that we often attach to blame. Mistakes shouldn’t stop us from moving ahead, but we have to make the conscious decision to let them go.
    We can learn from our mistakes and be more careful.
    Lovely post.

  2. so agree…I’m so guilty of this …that I decided I had to change…I’m not that “Perfect” person I would like to believe I am…so I had to regroup…NO judging others …until I take a hard look at myself!

  3. very well said … even without thinking i always have problems in giving second chances to people

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