How the way you ask yourself questions makes a BIG difference.

This is October 9th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to ask yourself a positive question.

Burt Goldman suggests this process as a way of staying positive. If for instance you were to ask yourself: ‘Why don’t I quit smoking?’ that would be negative. Your mind will actually go off and try and answer the question and it will find reasons, such as: ‘Because I like it.’ or ‘Because it relaxes me.’ This then convinces you to continue.

If however, you rephrase the question: ‘What would my life be like if I quit smoking?’ then your mind will find answers to that request, such as: ‘I’d feel better in the morning.’ or ‘This damn cough would go away.’ or ‘I could play with the kids without getting wheezy after two minutes.’ etc.

Next time you’re asking yourself something, try this process and see how different you feel.




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4 responses to “How the way you ask yourself questions makes a BIG difference.

  1. How would I feel if I increase my productivity? I’ll sure feel a lot better and more fulfilled.
    Nice! I will adopt the positive manner of asking myself questions. I already feel it’s potency!
    Thanks for sharing, Stu.

  2. Great advice Stu, it is so true!

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