Do you know what your preferred energy level is?

This is October 2nd of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to notice where you might be self-sabotaging.

Following on from yesterday’s guide I thought I’d share another one of David & Kristin Morelli’s techniques, this time it’s about self-sabotage and how we can spot it.

The crux of it is the idea that we all have a preferred energy level. Whether you are feeling a bit low so you seek out some excitement or on a high so seek out an argument, both are utilised to reset our energy level back to the preferred setting.

Have you ever been on a real high after getting a raise from your boss or getting a date with a hot person or maybe you just had a great time with some friends, then you find yourself getting in to some silly row over something with a loved one? If that rings a bell give some thought to what your button is. What’s your trigger? Fear? Anxiety? Guilt?

Look and you’ll find it, then next time you can anticipate it ahead of time and maybe even nip it in the bud.




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5 responses to “Do you know what your preferred energy level is?

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  2. OMG, this is such an eye opener!!! I’m going to track my reactions, though I have noticed it in “someone” and it was something that felt so incomprehensible, it was like, “aren’t you supposed to be happy with this?”…Hhhhmmm! It just occurred to me how much GUILT has a part in our lives, even unconsciously :/ Alexandra

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