How much do your surroundings affect your mood?

This is September 25th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to notice your surroundings.

We spend most our time virtually blind to our surroundings because we’re immersed in them most days. Leave a book on the stairs for a few days and you stop noticing it’s there. We get used to what we see every day and therefore have no need to notice it.

Now imagine you go to a new place, a holiday, a theatre, an open space. What do you do? You spend time taking it in. Absorbing the detail. Noticing the details. Exploring the experience of it all. It feels great doesn’t it? It’s how we enjoy, by noticing.

Spend today re-noticing your surroundings and you’ll re-enjoy many aspects of it. We like enjoying things, we can enjoy more if we notice, so let’s notice more often.

One other thing… when you take notice of your surroundings you may just get around to picking that flipping book off the stairs!




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4 responses to “How much do your surroundings affect your mood?

  1. The combination of people and surroundings can affect or alter my mood, of course a clean house does give me permission to work mindfully on my stuff, so does an organized desk at school!! 🙂 i’ve never tried to write in a coffee shop, I wonder how being there would influence my focus! Food for thought my dear friend, thanks, alexandra

  2. I notice my little part of the world from my kitchen window…and it makes me happy…and content!

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