An incredible story, but I had to wait until he died before I heard it.

This is September 18th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to sit with an elderly person and listen to their story.

All too often in our busy society our elderly are relegated to the corner of the room, patronised with one more cup of tea and humoured like children.

My uncle died recently, he was 92 and in the last few weeks of his life I was fortunate enough to have the time on a few occasions to visit him and my aunt in the home they were residing in for a while.

Each time I visited I made a point of asking some questions about their past and then sat and listened. There were some amazing stories that I’d never heard before and it was a privilege to hear them.

At his funeral one of his friends presented his eulogy and I learned that during World War II, when my uncle was in his early twenties, he was nearly killed by a bomb that demolished his in-law’s house in London. Sadly his in-laws were both killed as was one of his young brother-in-laws. My uncle managed to get himself and his young wife out of the wreckage then went back inside and dug his other 10 year old brother-in-law out of the rubble – saving his life. That young man was now the 82 year old vicar that was recounting this story at the graveside.

What an incredible story and I had to wait until he died before I heard it. Let’s learn about the lives of our elderly from their own lips, we will be amazed and they will be thrilled.




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4 responses to “An incredible story, but I had to wait until he died before I heard it.

  1. My Mom lived with us for 5 years…and yes, the stories they can tell…and the memories I will always have!…
    she passed at 98 yeras old…( 2007 )

  2. This has been really brought home to me lately. My mom comes from a large family and at 75 is the second to youngest. We have been attending too many funerals for her brothers, my uncles, lately. Each time I go to yet another one, I hear stories that make me realize they were so much more than what I knew. It also makes me realize that there are stories I have never heard from my mom and my dad and I need to dedicate and make time to hear them.

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