Do you know how highly some people think of You?

This is September 17th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At ATime‘.

Take the opportunity today to write a thank you note to someone from your past.

If you sat and thought about those people that have had a major impact on your life you’d find there’s probably only a handful. It may well be your parents or siblings. It may be a teacher or a neighbour. Maybe an uncle or cousin or simply the shopkeeper down the road.

Have a think, choose one, then write them a thank you note. Describe in detail the impact they have had on your life. Describe in as much detail as you can how your life is different because of their influence.

Then post that letter. It doesn’t have to reach them, you may not know where they are now. They may not be with us anymore or you may not want them to read what you have written. Post it anyway. With just their name on the envelope if necessary. The symbolic gesture of dropping that letter in the post will be very therapeutic.

Now imagine how many people out there are thinking of You in this way. You can’t know the full impact you’ve had on people because not all of them will share it with you. But you have.




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5 responses to “Do you know how highly some people think of You?

  1. Well my friend, your constant support and encouragement make you one of my handful of special people in my life. Through your introspection you’ve found aspects of your inner-self and believe we all share in that same value and goodness you have within. Your belief in our capacity to go beyond has made me believe it in me. Thanks my dear friend Stu 🙂 my sister-friend is also in my select handful, she is my number one cheerleader in life I am infinitely grateful to have her, her prayers, thoughts, intelligence and creativity in my life… Big hug my friend, Alexandra

  2. I didn’t write a note…but, told my sister-in-law how much I loved the books she chose for me on a birthday when I was about 8 years of age…( 56 years ago)… just this past week…How she made me so happy…and probably influencened me in my reading habits…
    I remember the place, opening the presents…and what books they were!
    She was so surprised by my telling her that!

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