So what have you done with your life up till now?

This is September 3rd of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to write down your achievements.

September 3rd is my mum’s birthday. She passed away some years ago and I always remember on this day how inspirational she was. She always made me believe I could do anything if I set my mind to it. My dad did too, and between them I have always had a positive mindset.

Take time today to look back at what you’ve achieved in your life. Understand that at some time you probably thought those things would never happen – but they did. You achieved them.

Congratulate yourself then realise that what you might think is impossible right now, will one day be another one of your achievements. If you want it to be. If you are willing to work towards it with focus and determination.




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2 responses to “So what have you done with your life up till now?

  1. I do have some things I feel I’ve acheived… and isn’t that a good thing… Might have to write a blog about that…

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