An easy way to reconnect more deeply…

This is August 28th of my book:  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to go to a live event.

I for one do not go to enough live events. Maybe you do – if so excellent. If not, make the effort. They don’t all cost money either. Many bars and cafes have live music as do pizza restaurants and other free to enter venues. OK, so you’ll have to buy a drink and maybe eat something. Alternatively there are always festivals of all types, shapes and sizes happening along with free open air concerts.

Get Googling.

So why do I encourage this?

Because it’s an experience. We are all here, living our lives, wanting and searching for experiences. That is what life’s all about isn’t it? Engaging in experiences en mass heightens our enjoyment as well. I think it’s because we feel more connected, another one of life’s goals.

Through involving yourself in these live events you will strengthen your existing relationships with those you share the experience with, give yourself the opportunity to meet new like minded people and get to reconnect with your own soul.




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2 responses to “An easy way to reconnect more deeply…

  1. the closest Live Event I’ve been to lately…sorry unable to do that today!…was the KY State Fair…Walking around and listening to different people performiing from selling things…to a ventriloquist…to animal handlers…Oh, there were many more…It has brought on many topics of conversation… especially since my husband and I met at the Fair sooo many years ago…

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