Are you a bit of a push-over?

August 13th of my book: ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to be assertive.

How many times have you become frustrated with a situation or person simply because you weren’t assertive enough about your involvement?

I can certainly remember many times. Sometimes it’s because I didn’t say NO to something I should have and sometimes it’s because I said YES to something I shouldn’t have. Ever had that?

Well, today, before you answer yes or no to something, think if it’s really what you want to do, or at least if it’s something you could live with without any resentment. If it isn’t, then find the kindest way you can to say ‘No I can’t do that.’ or ‘Do you know what, this is what I actually want.

It’s perfectly acceptable to be assertive as long as it’s not aggressive or intimidating. It’s just standing your ground. Putting your foot down.




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8 responses to “Are you a bit of a push-over?

  1. Typed out a thoughtful comment – and WP had an eppie so couldn’t post 😦

    Soz hon xx

  2. Have taken this stand more lately…and it actually works without hurting feelings…Sometimes people are surprised by my answer…but, live with it…I so agree…we have to take care of ourselves…and this is one simple way to do it!…

  3. True, but sometimes its just not “worth” talking back =P

    • It certainly feels that way sometimes Victor – but that usually ends breeding resentment which is much more destructive long term. Being assertive can be the route to a healthier relationship. 🙂

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