The real reason to enjoy the journey…

August 10th of my book: ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to enjoy the journey.

Did you watch Kelly Holmes winning her two Gold Medals in the 2004 Olympics? If not, go and watch them now – it’s inspirational, here’s a link to the YouTube video:

Now, imagine if someone had said to her before each race ‘Hey Kelly, you can have the Gold Medal, we know you’re the best, there’s no need to run.‘ do you think she would have replied: ‘Oh, great, thanks – I’ll get changed into my tracksuit then.’? – I don’t think so!

The journey is the experience you are having, the race is the challenge and the medal is the prize – the medal without the race means nothing and the race without the journey means nothing. And I don’t think it’s about competing. I don’t think it’s about beating other people. I think it’s about proving something to yourself.

So my question to you is: What prize are you after, and at what stage of the race are you in?

If you haven’t started yet that’s ok – preparation is an important part of the process! If you don’t do the prep you won’t get past the first hurdle. Having said that, there’s only so much prep you can do. You can’t win the prize until you enter the race. Some of you I guess are already well in to the second or third laps, maybe you can even see the finishing line. Well done you!

If you’re struggling though and feel that you’re not going to make it, dig deep, think of that podium, think of the roaring crowd, see yourself winning. This is your journey, this is your race and you can get that medal – but you have to keep going.

And remember: it’s the journey that’s important because the only real finish line is the last one, if you know what I mean!

(One day changed Kelly Holmes life forever – but it took her 10 years to get there!)




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2 responses to “The real reason to enjoy the journey…

  1. The learning opportunity and the challenge is in the process… I recently wrote about my daughter getting her scholarship, a scholarship she had to do little for, all she needed was for me to be a teacher in the institution… It was a bitter-sweet achievement for her, in fact, more bitter than sweet… I am glad she appreciates the value of the journey to feel truly worth of the prize, great post my dear friend, read you soon, Alexandra

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