Why don’t you just stop lying?

August 9th of my book: ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

There’s a subtle difference between being truthful (see Aug 2nd) and not lying. Lying is about deliberate deceit. We all do it. OK, maybe the Dalai Lama doesn’t, maybe Mother Theresa didn’t, but the rest of us DO!

We lie to our spouses:

“Honey, does my bum look big in this?” “No! You look great.” [Lie]

We lie to our friends:

“So I told her to shove her job, you’d have done the same, right?” “Sure I would.” [Lie]

We lie to our colleagues:

“How you feeling today – getting any better?” “No (croak), need another day off I think.” [Lie]

We lie to ourselves:

“I could never do that, could I?” “No way, you’re better off staying where you are – it’s safer!” [Lie]

Spend today being ultra aware of what you say and determine if everything is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And yes, white lies are lies so if your offspring ask where babies come from think about your answer carefully. 🙂

Once again – good luck, you’ll need it!




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9 responses to “Why don’t you just stop lying?

  1. I’ve found that telling the truth can be quite liberating…but, yes I find myself saying a few white lies sometimes as they are called to save others feelings…

  2. The other day I caught my daughter giving my mom a quick answer that I knew was a lie, said to avoid my mom’s sermons and I called her on it, my daughter turned to me and said, “mom you also do it” … That left me speechless, yes, I make up stuff to avoid my husband’s wrath/ sermons… Of course, now, I have been caught and have served as justification for my daughter… I think I’m going back to the auto-mute button and stop saying white lies to save my ass… Aaarrrggghhh mute, Alexandra

    • It’s tough for all of us – that’s why I wish us all luck with it. Daily practice helps (as does being surrounded by kids). 🙂

      • I had Daily Lying Practice for this whole past month, and yes I did get good at it… 😦 Sometimes it seems that is the only way to keep dumb discussions at bay, telling him what he wants to hear and I will gladly do it than have my ears filled with “you must…, you shouldn’t…, you haven’t…” blah, blah… wow i sound infinitely immature… yikes it is bad :/

    • We’ve all got an inner child lurking. 🙂

  3. Okay Stu, when you put it like this….there are times when it is easier to say you agree with someone than to say what you really think. 🙂

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