What you believe could be wrong, right?

August 7th of  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

How hard would it be to allow yourself to change your belief about something?

Following on from yesterday changing your beliefs can be a bit trickier. Our beliefs are in charge of our decisions. If you want to change your decision making process you need to take a good look at your beliefs. Take some time to consider what influences you are allowing to affect your beliefs. What papers are you reading? What news stations are you watching or listening to? What do your friends and family believe about certain things? All these have influence over what you believe.

What beliefs do you have that are either the same as or in contradiction to your parents or even grandparents? Many people will reject the beliefs of these authority figures as a form of rebellion. Those beliefs may become ingrained although years later you may actually believe differently. So how do you know?

You need to ask delving questions like: ‘Why do I believe [xyz]?’ and ‘Am I sure that my belief in [xyz] is sound?’ or ‘What evidence do I have for believing [xyz]?

It’s possible to change a belief in an instant, as with many other changes, it’s the getting ready that takes the time.




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4 responses to “What you believe could be wrong, right?

  1. Josephine Kinnaird

    The Course tells me that EVERYTHING I believe that is true in THIS world is false. Basically that is because anything that has ‘form’ cannot really exist.

    The reason we resist positive change is because we are denying our true identity. In other words, it’s better the devil we know… etc. And, following on from that, the reason we NEED change is because we are in denial of our true identity so we keep looking OUT THERE… when, in truth, there really IS no out there. When I accept that I need nothing from this world, then all else will be given. Everything I see is just a projection. My journey has brought you into my life to help my progression. That was not just by chance. It was meant. I feel so safe sharing my thoughts with you. x Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 11:23:34 +0000 To: jokinnaird1@hotmail.com

    • I imagine there is a lot of comfort in those beliefs, and I guess that’s what having beliefs is all about. Wanting the certainty of knowing. It’s an incredible journey you’re on Jo – incredible journey we’re ALL on. 🙂

  2. Well I have never changed on in a second, but I guess it could happen. I have had that light bulb appear above my head, but I have always had to ponder and check things out before any real decision was made over anything of real importance to me.

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