How often do you reflect on what you’ve achieved already?

August 5th of  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to look how far you have come.

Every now and then I get into the ‘I haven’t achieved enough/done enough/seen enough/created enough’ mode. You know the one?

Give yourself a break. Think back 10 years, where were you?

My guess is – not as far along as you are now. Maybe you’re in a bigger home or driving a nicer car or you’re earning more income. I would imagine you’ve seen a bit more of the world than 10 years ago and certainly had more experiences – good or bad.

Give it some thought and you’ll realise you’ve come quite a way, maybe it’s not as far as you thought or hoped for, but it’s at least further along the road. Allow how far you’ve come to inspire you to go further rather than holding you back.

If you are reading this and you are actually further back from where you were 10 years ago then remember where you’ve been, how you got there and resolve to get there again. You’ve done it once already – second time around is usually easier because you’ve learnt from all the mistakes and wrong turns you took the first time.




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6 responses to “How often do you reflect on what you’ve achieved already?

  1. I recently heard a webinar by Mat Boggs where he recommended that we start an achievement journal where we write every night before going to bed our 5 WINS -big and small- of the day and slowly we will see how far we’ve come… 🙂 I’ve had mostly small achievements, however, tackling motherhood, surviving their baby years and my first years of marriage are major achievements for me, they’ve all been by reading and praying… My personal big achievements are slowly happening and I’m ok with that, no hurry! Thanks my friend, Alexandra

  2. Great post Stu, reflection is a great learning tool. We forget so much as we pass from day to day and stopping to take the time to review what has passed causes use to learn and be grateful 🙂

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