Should you always tell the truth?

August 2nd of  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to be truthful in every way.

I’m going to guess that this is going to be a difficult one for most people. Let’s be honest, we’re all untruthful in some way or another every day. Maybe to get ourselves out of a sticky situation, maybe to ourselves about a sticky situation.

Often we do the little white lie because we think it will spare someone’s feelings. In a way we’re programmed that some lying is ok from an early age – did your parents tell you Santa was real for instance? Then, as we were growing up we heard the lies our parents would tell and maybe for the best of reasons: ‘Don’t tell mummy we got her a birthday present – it’s a secret.

They seem harmless and to a certain extent they are, possibly though they embed in us from a young age that some lying is good. Try to resist this programming today, try to be truthful to everyone in every way.

Being truthful also has wider connotations – for instance, going to find a shop assistant when we’ve broken something by accident instead of just walking away. Or, having integrity and fairness and a sense of responsibility, these are all ways of being truthful.

Good luck – you’ll need it! (We all will.)

PS: If you do have to tell a truth today where you’d normally tell a white lie, tread softly.




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4 responses to “Should you always tell the truth?

  1. The truth is always the better way, even if the consequences are grave, buck up and deal with it. At least you are not going to be caught in a lie.

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