Do you know what frequency you are tuned to?

August 1st of  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Mary Morrissey is a renowned life coach and spiritual teacher who has shared the stage with the Dalai Lama and many other incredibly inspiring individuals.

One of her core techniques is to get you to ‘change frequency’. The way she describes it is beautiful. We are surrounded by an infinite quantity of frequencies in the same way we are surrounded by TV and Radio waves. In order to watch something different on the TV or listen to something different on the radio we simply ‘change channel’ (change frequency).

We can do this with our feelings too. We can change the channel from feeling miserable to euphoric, or from afraid to confident just by changing the frequency we’re tuned into. She describes it as going from CNN (Constantly Negative News) to the Discovery Channel.

What a great way to look at it.

What would you like to see and feel on your Discovery Channel?

So, how to actually do that… One way I learnt from Tony Robbins is to change your Triad. Revisit p.74 to remind yourself of that brilliant strategy. Try that for a start.

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3 responses to “Do you know what frequency you are tuned to?

  1. I love this idea and having tried it (with a little help ;-)) I know it works too. Here’s to 24/7 Discovery Channel!

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