Have you discovered Your Passion?

JULY 30th of  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to take The Passion Test.

Chris & Janet Attwood created The Passion Test as an easy to use tool to understand more fully what we truly desire. I thorougly recommend you investigate further – buy the book even, because I cannot do the process justice here in just two pages.

Having said that, what I will do is explain my experience of doing The Passion Test, which is a powerful exercise in getting ‘clear’. Clear about what it is you want in your life. As the Attwoods say “Passion is about how you live your life. Goals are what you choose to create in your life.

So I started by making a list of five things I am passionate about. As instructed I started each with the words: “When I am living my ideal life I am…” Then, I got Em to ask me the following: If you could have your #1 Passion but not your #2 Passion which would you choose? Then, if you could have your #1 Passion but not your #3 Passion which would you choose? And so on. The idea is that you really do have to think of having one or the other, but not both. In choosing, you get a bit clearer. In doing this you’ll probably find it a bit difficult to choose sometimes – but choose you must!

You should end up with your five Passions in order of how important they are to you. So then I tried it with 10 Passions. If you do this process a few times you should end up with a really good idea of what you are most passionate about in your life. After that do the test every few months to see if things have changed.

Once I discovered my #1 Passion I went to step two and made a list of actions I could take to move towards it. Once this list was done I went through the comparing process as per the passions list. That is, asking if I could take action #1 but not #2 which would I choose. This made it clearer which actions I should take and in which order.

If you decide to do this, whenever you are faced with either a decision, choice or opportunity, always choose in favour of your Passions. Ask yourself each time: ‘Will this move me towards my Passions or away?’

Scott Ginsberg has another insightful way of judging whether one of your interests is actually a Passion – he suggests you ask yourself two questions about it:

1. What are you prepared to suffer to do this?

2. Would it cause you suffering if you did not do it?

To find out more about The Passion Test and the work of Chris and Janet Attwood go to: http://www.ThePassionTest.com




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6 responses to “Have you discovered Your Passion?

  1. I have my passion, this is a really good exercise, doing it periodically might be a really good thing to see if you are still on track with where you want to go. 🙂

  2. I imagine some of us might be surprised by what our passion REALLY is…

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