Are you one of life’s moaners?

JULY 27th of  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

Take the opportunity today to STOP moaning!

OK – moaning can be therapeutic. Getting something off your chest can relieve the pressure and stress of a situation. We all have bad days at work. We all have encounters with rude or obnoxious people from time to time – so go ahead and moan about it. But not ALL the time.

Not only are you going to relive those scenarios over and over, you’re going to relive those ‘feelings’ over and over. And guess what, you didn’t like those feelings the first time around so why do you want to experience them again and again? Moan once if you really need to then stop!

You’ll end up wearing your friends or partners out if you become an habitual moaner so why not give them permission to stop you. Make some rules maybe – like if they’ve heard that story before you can’t tell them again, or if it’s about the same person, they can ask you to stop.

You get the idea. Be aware though that if they follow through and ask you to stop – you can’t then moan at or about them for doing it.




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2 responses to “Are you one of life’s moaners?

  1. Hi Stu, sometimes I find myself just moaning…it does feel good 🙂

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