Is your anger hurting you physically?

JULY 24th of  ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time’.

Take the opportunity today to express your anger next time you feel it.

Anger is a natural emotion. Like all natural emotions, if suppressed it can distort into more destructive behaviour. There are ways of dissipating anger when you feel it welling up such as meditating or just slow, deep breathing. Sometimes though it happens too sud- denly – when you stub your toe for instance or maybe your computer crashes, deleting an hour’s work in the process. At times like these our house can become blue with my choice of language! My other half usually keeps her office door closed due to the volume of that language in case she’s on a call. I’m working on it!

The thing is, once I’ve screamed for a couple of seconds I calm right down – sometimes it might last for a minute or so. I rarely fester on something however. Through expessing my anger I can get through it very quickly and can therefore find clarity of mind on the other side.

I remember a scene in the Billy Crystal and Robert de Niro film ‘Analyze This’ – where Billy, the mafia boss’ psychiatrist, tells him to hit the pillow on the sofa (to express his anger) and de Niro pulls out a gun and shoots the pillow into a billowing puff of stuffing! Hilarious! If you haven’t seen it – treat yourself.

The big key here is – don’t allow the expression of your anger to hurt or intimidate another person. It’s your anger – you keep it!

If you find that you tend towards anger then I suggest you seek some pro- fessional advice as it can lead to physical disease. Remember, exercise can relieve the tension of anger so go for a walk to relax.

(One of my 90 Day Program members emailed me this morning to tell me she’s been feeling a lot of anger recently, then she read today’s page (above)! Coincidence? You may think so – I think her increased awareness allowed her to notice the message more clearly.)




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8 responses to “Is your anger hurting you physically?

  1. all anger hurts everyone involved ….
    no two ways about it !

    • This is true. Being human though means we’re gonna get angry from time to time. The question then becomes ‘how do I deal with this?’ 🙂

      • Dance around – run – let it out – do yoga –
        when you exhaust your body …….
        endorphins go up naturally
        and – i don’t really get angry because of Yoga .,…….
        it keeps me “NORMAL ”
        bwhahahahahah 🙂

    • Exactly! Move around is usually the best way. (Er, normal…You?) 😉

      • ……. yes VERY NORMAL ……………………………:)
        Dance around , do Yoga – tire yourself out like a puppy and then BLISSED OUT ENDORPHINS / and Dopamine 🙂 🙂 very normal xx C

  2. Josephine Kinnaird

    My Nan had a sign up in her house which read ‘Keep your temper, nobody wants it!’ I haven’t seen that sign in donkeys years but it’s always stayed with me.

    Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 10:45:35 +0000 To:

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