Do you know you get on someone’s nerves?

JULY 12th of ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time.

Take the opportunity today to treat others as you’d like to be treated in their position.

I think this comes from the Sermon on the Mount and is just about the only rule we need to live by. If we just acted like this on every occasion, in every situation with everyone we met, the world would be conflict free. It’s hard to do though. People get on our nerves sometimes. Hmm.

Unless you’re perfect you probably get on someone else’s nerves sometimes. Imagine that for a moment, YOU get on someone’s nerves. They gripe about you to other people, they may even moan at you to your face. Does that bother you in any way? If it doesn’t then move on to the next page, but if it does, consider this: you’re not doing it on purpose are you? No, so you have your reasons for behaving in the way that gets on someone else’s nerves. Guess what? The people that get on your nerves also have their reasons.

So the next time you’re getting irritated by someone try and understand their reasons, see it from their shoes, imagine you are them.

You may just find yourself acting and feeling differently.


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2 responses to “Do you know you get on someone’s nerves?

  1. Great post Stu! I totally believe what you are stating it correct. Take the time to consider everything that you say and how that may affect others and how what you say does also 🙂

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