Take the opportunity today to have a debate about something you believe in.

JULY 5th of ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time.

I love having a debate. Not an argument! A debate.

An argument is based on only trying to get your point across without considering what the other party is saying. Debating however, can really get your mental juices flowing.

If you debate with someone who has an alternate belief even better – if you get your ego out of the way you may even change your belief to theirs.

The process of debating will also improve your articulation skills which will bring you confidence and clarity. Democracy is built on the process of debate.

You will hone your skill of persuasion, logic and wit in the process which will serve you well in all other aspects of life.

Remember all good debate is good natured – it may get heated but everyone should still be friends afterwards – not the case in most arguments. It’s good fun and educational so go flex your debate muscle.


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3 responses to “Take the opportunity today to have a debate about something you believe in.

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  2. i call it bantering ……..
    i love it and couldn’t live without it 🙂
    to debate discuss and LEARN X

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