Take the opportunity today to Be Independent.

JULY 4th of ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time‘.

This is a big day for all those in the US obviously but Being independent means more than being separate. The US celebrations are based on becoming free from the tyranny of the British Empire but what does being independent mean on an individual scale?

For me, this means taking responsiblity for myself, my actions, my welfare and every other aspect of my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t want an ambulance to turn up if I need it, or the police to come to my rescue if I’m being mugged – I pay taxes to ensure those are available when I need them. But I try not to put myself in harm’s way from injury or violation – and that’s my responsibility.

Independence also means making my own way in life too, I work for myself now but when I worked for someone else I never felt like I was owed a job, I knew I had to earn it. I knew if I made a mistake or didn’t have the skills that I would suffer the consequences. So, I always made sure I overdelivered, improved my skills by continually learning and was always very conscientious.

Because of that commitment I’ve never been fired.

Being independent is not always possible. If you are in any way impaired to such an extent that you need help from others to either get around or look after yourself or earn money, you can still be independent of thought. All too often we lean on people emotionally, usually those closest to us, to fulfil some need we have. This comes from a sense of lack. Even when you need somebody to help you, you don’t need that somebody to help you.

You could get that help from somebody else. As soon as you make someone else responsible for your feelings about something you have relinquished being independent.

We are not always responsible for the things that happen to us, but we are responsible for how we react to those things.

Consider today in what ways you may not be taking full responsibility and therefore not being independent.


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3 responses to “Take the opportunity today to Be Independent.

  1. You and I are on the same page today Stu! Have a great day 🙂

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