Take the opportunity today to start over.

JULY 3rd of ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time.

You know what it is you need to start over.

Think about it for a while and it will become apparent. Let it go and start over. It’s not quitting, it’s not letting it get the better of you. It’s giving yourself the chance to move on, start anew.

A change is as good as a rest’, they say.

There’s no point flogging a dead horse’, is another one.

Sometimes you have to realise when something has come to it’s natural end, spending more time on it really is a waste of time. It’s hard to move on I know, I’m definitely one for trying to make something work but sometimes it’s like giving the kiss of life to Tutankhamun’s mummy – it’s pointless.

It could be a project you’ve been working on, it could be your job, it could be your relationship or one you’re trying to get in to. Think about it today and consider if it’s a waste of time, consider whether it’s time to start over.


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6 responses to “Take the opportunity today to start over.

  1. If I think back (or read back in my blog) to a year ago, where I had to start all over, the grief and sadness I felt about the change I proyected it on my painting by stopping, which added to the hurt…this week, a whole year after that, a year of sacrifices, addaptation, I am painting again, it is like starting anew… But better! I have my past experience to build from and to ignore in some parts… I like fresh starts, their are affirming and energizing… Thank you Stu 🙂 Alexandra

  2. very inspiring post… 🙂

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