What’s the cost of staying in your job?


If you’ve been following my recent posts, talking about whether you can stay in your present job or career or whether you may be better suited to getting out – then take a moment to consider the cost of doing nothing.

If you just stay where you are and you just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Not trying to fall back in love with it, not trying to recraft it into something more enjoyable – but just staying exactly where you are, it will cost you in the long run.

These are the three main areas where doing nothing will cost you:

  • Emotionally
  • Financially
  • Opportunity cost

EmotionallyHow I Identified I Was In The Wrong Job  will give you some clues to how you might be feeling right now and how you’re going to continue to feel if you do nothing about it. Anger, frustration, feeling stuck, chest pains etc. etc. It doesn’t get any better unless YOU change something. What’s the cost to your health and well being?

Financially – for me I was almost instantly better off when I made the change I needed. That may not be the case for everyone, but the question I asked myself at the time was: ‘Can I survive with less?’ When I decided I could, it made it easier to make the change – and that’s when opportunity raised its head. What’s the potential cost to your pocket?

Opportunity cost – I would never have known what opportunities were available to me if I had just put my head back in the sand, and I certainly wouldn’t be enjoying the lifestyle I have today. If you don’t put your head over the parapet you’ll never see what lies beyond the fortress walls. You have to consider the opportunities, look for them, recognise them when they show themselves and calculate the cost to you if you don’t seize them. What opportunity will you miss by staying as you are?

Hopefully you’ve spent the time necessary to create, separate and prioritise your opportunities list as mentioned in the last post How To Change Jobs (Step 3) . Those 5 top opportunities open to you, together with understanding the cost of doing nothing, should give you plenty to consider right now.


In my opinion, if you are in a job that you hate, or a company that you hate, then there are two mistakes you can make right now:

  • #1 Doing nothing
  • #2 Quiting before you understand what your options are

The next step is Deciding. This is the step that really set me on the path to my present lifestyle and circumstances. It seems daunting but in my next post I’m going to reveal how to make the decision process a whole lot easier.

Stay tuned



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9 responses to “What’s the cost of staying in your job?

  1. Stu, I’m going to have to go back to step #1… I love my job, but I can’t ignore an opportunity to do something else I really love and is completely dedicated to creativity… I am feeling this uneasiness that I think is a sign to something I should explore… Yikes :/ I am so much in my comfort zone right now!! Alexandra

    • You know where I am if you need help with anything. 🙂

      • Thanks dear friend! I just finished reading this post, because staying where I am is an option… Because I do still love teaching and I can do my other creative stuff part-time as I’ve been doing, though it doesn’t give me the chance to make it grow… But I can’t dismiss the fact that I am doing already something that matters, the program I designed and am using with my highschool students is not taught at any other highschool here and I see the difference it makes!!! So if I weigh both sides, one benefitting me and the other benefitting me, my family and my students… Well… Goodness! Stu, my dear, dear friend, I needed this 🙂 you’ve given me a chance to sit, visualize and put things into perspective… Sigh of relief… My creative opportunity would put an emotional and financial strain on me…and opportunity is always there, I just need to go out and find her!! Yay!!! Woohoo, thanks Stu, I hope in my heart I’ll get a chance to lend YOU a helping hand one day 🙂

    • Wow, Alexandra – that’s great to hear. You CAN lend a hand simply by sharing this post with others who might find it helpful. Can’t wait to hear what’s instore for you next. 🙂

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  4. . Staying in the same job sometimes is good because you get promoted, after staying there for a long time. But you are right, if you don’t like your job and stay with it, it will cost you. The idea is if you work in the field you like, you wouldn’t feel like you are working because you are doing something you enjoy. Thank you for your advice! Keep it up!

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