How to Change Jobs (Step 3)


Welcome back to this series of posts about understanding your opportunities and how they may lead you to your next career step.

In the last post How To Change Jobs (Step 2) we discussed sorting your opportunities list (of at least 30 items) into an A, B and C list. Give it a quick read if you need to.

You should have ended up with 10 items on your ‘A’ list. These should be the 1o things that you really enjoy doing, whether as a hobby or a part time income stream, or what you do right now for your job or what you’d LOVE to do.

Now sort this final list into order – #1 being the absolute best thing, right at the top. #2 being the 2nd best thing you think you could do, or would love to do, #3 being the third, and so on.

Once you’ve done that, get a pad and write down as many things as you’d need in order to make that #1 thing a reality. It might be that you need to retrain in some way. You might need to network with some industry leaders in your area. You might need to find certain resources like an accountant, financial advisor etc.

Then organise that list into the top 5 things you need to do.

You might be thinking right now – I hate all this list writing and thinking. I just want the answer. And I understand – I was there, to some degree I revisit there from time to time. But what I’ve learned over these last 10 years is… you get out what you put in. There is no short cut, you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to get what you want in life. If this is too much hard work – ask yourself if you’re really committed to change your life. Are you committed to finding the career you love?

I hope you decide that you are, because I can’t help you if you’re not.

Those top 5 things that you need to do are now your opportunity to explore whether you can change your job or career.

Look out for my next post “What’s the cost of staying in your job?”

Take care



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6 responses to “How to Change Jobs (Step 3)

  1. Hi Stu, these exercises do take time but as you said if you really want change it is worth the investment. I am in the starting phases of creating another income stream, with hopes of it moving me out of my current position at least 50%. You cannot rush the process. I have found your advice very helpful.


  2. Hey my darling Stu, I gave you an award. If you accept them great, if not, please know I was thinking of you.


  3. Happy Birthday to you Stu! I hope you had a great day 🙂

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