Are you aware you are a genuine fake?


Seems a bit insulting doesn’t it?

I don’t mean it to be.

I was listening to another Alan Watts lecture where he explained the origins of the word ‘person‘.  It comes from the Latin ‘persona‘ or ‘of sound‘. This was the name given to the mask that actors wore which, some speculate, had a tiny megaphone shape at the mouth part in order to amplify the actor’s voice.

So what – I hear you say.

Interestingly, we call ourselves a person – which means we are saying we are a mask. And like the mask of the actors – we are playing a part. A part which is fake, and we wish it to be fake.

Some of us are playing the part of the hero, and some the part of the villain. The drama needs both parts in order to be interesting and captivating and exciting. But when the show is over, both hero and villain take a bow to rapturous applause.

Puts a new perspective on the villains of the world doesn’t it?

Food for thought.




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17 responses to “Are you aware you are a genuine fake?

  1. Great insight. I suppose we all play many parts; I wonder if the sum of those parts then makes a more authentic whole – or should we be striving for authenticity at the rejection of any other part or role. Hmmmm

    • Good question – I guess we are playing many parts in a multitude of different dramas. Some we are hero, some we are villain. I think the object is to be aware that we are playing the parts in the first place. That we get to ‘choose’ which part we want to play at any given moment. 🙂

    • Wow… Complicated stuff! Is true authenticity achievable, I don’t think we’d be able to identify it because we are by nature limited in experiencing ALL there is, however taking our limited knowledge as a whole, then we could strive towards it but I have no idea how we’d achieve it because we’d always know we’ve been influenced… What a circle!! How’s little bear dog doing? Read you soon, Alexandra

      • Head hurting complicated! Stu, you’ve started something now!
        Little Bear doing really well, thanks so much for remembering 🙂 Now DOGS are authentic! 😉

      • aaajajajaaa DOGS are authentic, as authentic as their breeds permit… I’ve also got a schnauzer, my goodness, up to now she is the most intelligent canine I’ve met…just as your adorable Little Bear… the other day my son had a friend over and I was “talking” with Bonnie (my pet) and the little boy just looked at us and waited for the conversation to end, jajajaa then asked: Do Bonnie’s eyes speak to you? My immediate answer was “Yes!, they do”… oops,I just went completely of track with this…sorry Stu 🙂

      • Smart kid! They do though don’t they? Then again, I think most dogs are massively underestimated, especially on their capacity for emotional intelligence.

        Yes, sorry Stu, hijacking your blog for a Schnauzer chat!

      • lol 🙂 take care Little Bear”s Mom… big hug to you Stu 😉

    • Our friend also has a mini schnauzer called Bonnie. 🙂

  2. Yes, I get this from the Alan Watts video you posted before, the existence of the bad makes the good be perceivable and viceversa…I like these correlations/codependencies… PERSONA in spanish is the translation for person, but in english it does mean an attitude or pose one adopts to represent something we are not…when I first read your title I thought, YES, we are genuine fakes because we are a collection of all who have had a big or small influence on us, so we are genuine in that each of us has a different quantity of the other in us, but a fake because little in us is trully original… Of course, jajajaaa I was totally of track… Read you soon my friend, as always a true pleasure to read, Alexandra

    • Thanks Alexandra. It is hard to unpick – it takes a couple of reads to get it. And I suppose we are destined to be fake by our early programming – much of which we are totally unaware of. I guess the journey is to try and discover ‘who’ we really are. Love you being here. 🙂

      • Is it fair to say that we are the result of many cultural, literary, genetic (etc.) worlds colliding… I have not created myself by myself, i have chosen which parts of what will be pieces in the puzzle that is ME… does this make any sense? is it valid to consider it like this? Thank you for saying this Stu, I love being here and having the chance to be a part in these very cool kind of philosophical chats… of course your replies make my comments relevant….jajajaaa just like Alan Watts says… this is fabulous 🙂

  3. Tina Morgan

    In One way this is true, because when we are with other people we never show them who we really are. In our everyday life we play different rules, for all kind of reasons, even when we are alone sometimes we still pretending everything is ok and we become fakes…something like this, I know what I mean but maybe I don’t know how to put it on paper. Love & Grace – TiNa – ^_^

    • I hear you Tina. Yes, it’s seldom our mask is off. But we must remember, that even when we’re alone, even when we feel at our lowest, our most fake – this is also a mask! At our core we are pure potential – which means we can be anything we want. Which means we get to choose which mask we wish to wear at any given moment. 🙂

  4. I guess in many respects we all ‘game play’ as a life skill – some more than others. Though the notion of ‘game playing’ has been dismissed as pop-psy rather than anything serious, I think it’s got validity. At the end of the day what counts, I think, is being able to perceive who we are behind the masks. Some people can’t.

  5. Quite profound and with a little confirmation for me on an idea for a post I had yesterday. Thanks I will go work on it 🙂

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