The most debilitating word in your life is ‘But.’

Apologies to those of you that may already have received this in today’s Ponder email – but I wanted to share it with my blog subscribers too.

This is a wake up call for all of us that use the word ‘But’ in our vocabulary when we talk about our dreams and goals.

Watch the video, feel empowered, feel motivated, inspired and exhilarated.




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10 responses to “The most debilitating word in your life is ‘But.’

  1. Oh i saw the video earlier
    the buts and ifs
    the long sighs do no good
    give an honest try one never regrets it.
    Lovely post Stu

  2. inspire1life

    Boy did I needed to see this! Thank you Stu.

  3. Wow Stu! As I heard the speaker mention all the excuses most commonly given to not fulfill a goal or go after a dream I thought: none of these apply to me, so I HAVE NO EXCUSES but the lack of faith in the value of my dream… Huge discovery Thank you so much for this video, big hug Alexandra

    • We’re ALL learning each and every day. When that stops so does our growth! 🙂

      • My personal question is What to do with all I learn? That is one of the reasons I have my blog… But maybe I should also have a journal… I discover important stuff when I read you, for example, and then what? One thing is to accumulate just basic info as cultural baggage and another is the process of self-discovery… I was just listening (while making lunch) to the video on your previous post and it got me in this chain reaction mindset, where it starts with me and gets back to me, like the man who showed another that the world was round by walking in a straight line and getting back to the place where they started… My goodness, this is so deep and intriguing 🙂

    • Aha, Alexandra – you are on the journey. There is no meaning to life other than what we give it, so… what meaning do you want to give to this knowledge? How does it fit in to your goals, dreams etc.? Do you even know what your goals and dreams are?

      • I know i have many goals and dreams but now I’m not really sure what they are… I should write them down, no editing permitted and see what comes out of it… and I am thinking it would be nice to write down all my self-discoveries… have you read today’s Wisecousel post? it has a lot to do with this… cool coincidence 🙂

    • Writing them down is certainly the first place to start. Prioritisation is the next bit. Let me know if you want some help with that. 🙂

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