Want to learn How?


If you are on my daily thought provoking ‘Ponders, Quotes and Questions‘ email list, you would have received this today:

If you know why you haven’t, and if you know why you want to, you just need to know how.

This may take reading a couple of times to really grasp it, to let it sink in so you can Ponder. Once it has, point your mind at something you haven’t achieved yet. Some goal you have in the back of your mind that you happen upon every now and then when you’re having a cerebral rummage!

If you still want to achieve that thing, and you know why you want to achieve it – you literally just need to know how.

Forget about fears of failing or succeeding. Forget about the barriers of not enough time or resources or money. Forget about any limitations you may foresee such as you’re too old, or not fit enough, smart enough etc.

At some point every one of those barriers has been overcome by someone somewhere. In order for you to achieve that thing – you just need to know HOW they did it.

Go rummage some more. Find one of those overdue goals. Ponder on this.




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5 responses to “Want to learn How?

  1. Sometimes the need to achieve that goal because of timing, need or circumstances makes you cast aside those ‘obstacles’ and just GET TO IT, jejejeee, I know I was at that same place not too long ago (Me and the ever ellusive EXCEL!) thank you Stu 🙂

  2. Good inspiration Stu. We just have to keep taking those baby steps in the right direction!

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