Peace or Passion – which do you prefer?


I ask this question on my Facebook Fan page today.

Now it won’t surprise you to learn that the origins of the word peace derive from words meaning ‘tranquility‘ ‘cessation or absence of war‘ ‘agreement‘ and ‘silence‘, but, were you aware that the origins of the word passion derive from ‘suffering‘, ‘anger‘ and ‘to endure‘?

This makes me wonder as I am doing Chris and Janet Attwood’s Passion Test again this weekend (- it’s recommended to do it every 6 months or so).

I wondered what made me angry? What was I willing to suffer or endure? When considering your own passions in these terms you may find deeper meaning in your answers. Certainly following your passion can be a bumpy road, it can often take resilience and tenacity to not give up. For many it may be friction free and easy!

Give it some thought, I’d love to see your comments over on my FACEBOOK page or below here if you prefer.




PS: I’m now providing Skype coaching calls (also Facebook Chat) for anyone that might want some help discovering their own Passions. :)



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6 responses to “Peace or Passion – which do you prefer?

  1. Since work is a major part of everyones daily life I think one should be peaceful if they have a career in something that they are passionate about.

  2. shekh rabbani

    Mostly i prefer Passion.

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