Is your life governed by Free Will or Fate?

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Life’s a lottery – some people say. As if they have no choice in what happens to them.

Others believe in Free Will, which according to the latest neuroscience could also be an illusion constructed by our brain.

Here’s what I think: whether you believe in fate or free will, making choices in life is a positive step. If fate exists you can’t make a wrong decision as it was already predetermined you would make that choice – so you might as well get on and make whatever choices you want.

If you believe in free will, then by making choices you are acting on what you believe so that must be the right thing – right?

Whatever you believe, get on Β with choosing the life you want and stop waiting for it to fall into your lap. The more control you feel you have over your own life, the more confident you will feel – even if that control is an illusion! So be bold and take action.

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9 responses to “Is your life governed by Free Will or Fate?

  1. Another good topic to think about! I read it, took my children to school to give myself time to think it through… I believe in both, but after reading your thought on it I came to realize that maybe it’s fate which sends us options in life and free will takes care of deciding which one it’ll be… I have frequently asked my husband and myself, when faced with important decisions- specially ones that have to do with money- if we’ll ever give ourselves the chance to do WHAT WE WANT instead of always DOING WHAT WE HAVE TO, which in the end always turns out to be for the best with no regrets… It’s frustrating for like 5 minutes, despite that I am always grateful for at least having options in situations where others feel they don’t…of course there’s always the case where the decision is obvious and that, I feel, is a wonderful conjuction of fate and free will, a win-win situation! Ooooh and when it backfires, well it’s fate teaching us a lesson and putting up a detour sign in our search for our own path… πŸ™‚

    • OK – that kinda makes sense to me. Although the idea of fate makes free will void. How could fate deliver up 2 options for us to choose from when at any time we could choose from an infinite amount? On the other hand, if all particles are simply bouncing off of one another like snooker balls, then the direction and speed of every single particle in the universe could be plotted – through the laws of physics. Where they are going to end up would be determined ahead of time. In fact from the big bang till now that would be the case – which would effectively be fate!

      • Oh my goodness, you lost me at physics…jajajaaa I flunked all my physics courses in highschool (made up for it later of course or I wouldn’t have my degree)… I do believe it is fate which has a hand in us seeing options where others might not…or maybe it’s FAITH… And fate sends different ‘signals’ to each of us, which is why it is not definite that we mit decide on the same thing when faced with the same question… I believe free will is very much dictated by our culture, values, education… Let’s see, my neighbor and I both want to buy a car…same situation… But i debate between really buying the car or using that same amount for my house mortgage … And my neighbor is debating between two different models which have the same price… Fate puts you in a place where even though you’ll be presented with the same decisions as everybody else, your options will be different… Enter free will to the stage, i can decide, car, mortgage or avoid the decision and put it in the bank… OMG did I just write myself in circles?!

    • I would substitute the word ‘Life’ where you use the word ‘fate’. Interesting debate though. πŸ™‚

    • It’s when stuff doesn’t make sense that I’m most interested. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Stu, not a believer in total fate, I do believe that we have been given a free will to choose. I guess when it is all said and done, we will find out πŸ™‚ happy Friday!

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