Are the Mind and Brain separate?


This is a real philosopher’s debate today on my Facebook Fan page.

Although more and more studies can identify which parts of the brain are responsible for certain thought processes and body functions, it seems when the brain gets damaged the mind can still be intact. In fact in many cases unaltered by the physical damage.

Scientists still haven’t identified where memory resides in the brain – it’s seems to happen everywhere at once. So, is our mind tapped in to some universal intelligence or force, or is it simply an illusion created by our chemical reactions?

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4 responses to “Are the Mind and Brain separate?

  1. When I read your question i realized i did have a different idea of both brain and mind (i don’t know why or where that idea came from) and I think/feel that the brain is what makes the body function- though not like a motor, more like a switchboard and the mind takes care of thinking…so, it doesn’t matter if you are walking, for example, you can still be thinking about your next blog post because it’s two different activities taking place in two different areas of you, detonated by two distinct mechanisms… Does this make any sense?! alexandra

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